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Donor Egg Programmes

ReproMed Donor Egg Programmes

In-House & Travel Abroad

ReproMed Donor Egg Programmes
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ReproMed has two different Egg Donation programmes: one where the embryo transfer is carried out here in Ireland in our clinic and the other where the patient needs to travel to the Czech Republic for the embryo transfer. Both are carried out in conjunction with clinics who are part of our European Group and with whom we have very close relationships as well as a shared Group Medical Director overseeing these programmes. If you would like to learn more about either programme please click on the relevant section below otherwise you can book straight in for a free consultation to discuss these options with our Fertility Consultants.

Egg Donation In-House

Fully Identifiable Egg Donors
Cost: €9950

This programme is managed in partnership with Ovumia Fertinova in Finland. As one of the clinics in the wider group they are working with us to provide their excellent service so that ReproMed’s patients can access their Egg Donor Programme without having to travel abroad.

The donors are Finnish residents aged between 20-35 years of age, who have chosen to donate eggs altruistically to help other women conceive, have a successful pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. They are all screened according to Finnish legislation and to the standards of the EU Tissues and Cells Directive.

Egg Donation Abroad

Anonymous Treatment (in Czech Republic)
Cost: €6300

This programme is managed in partnership with Iscare. Iscare is one of the most prominent Fertility Clinics in the Czech Republic and are also within ReproMed’s wider fertility group. Last year alone, they performed over 1000 IVF cycles for both local patients and those from overseas. The clinic was recently renovated, and is a state of the art, modern healthcare facility. With short waiting times, excellent success rates and exemplary patient- care, Iscare is fast becoming a very popular choice for patients from Ireland who wish to travel to access egg donation treatment.

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