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IVF Refund Guarantee Programme

Refund Guarantee Programme
Refund Guarantee Programme

What is an IVF Refund Guarantee Programme?

An IVF refund guarantee programme is a set of measures, under which patients are covered for the costs involved in IVF treatment cycles. This means that if a patient enrols on a programme to cover a certain number of treatment cycles, and none of these result in a successful pregnancy and birth of a child, the patient will be refunded a percentage (or even the total cost) of the amount paid for the programme.

The hope for all of those involved is that you or your partner will become pregnant within one of these treatment cycles, achieving the success you have been hoping for. But, in the event that you are unsuccessful in your first tries, you will also have the security of having your money returned to you.

Programmes We Work With:

We are delighted to be working in collaboration with specialist IVF refund guarantee provider Redia IVF to bring our patients the peace of mind they need over costs.  It must be noted that certain conditions will have to be met before patients can be enrolled on a programme.

What’s included:
✔ Up to 100% money back if you don’t get a baby
✔ Up to 3 stimulation cycles
✔ Unlimited FET of remaining embryos of each cycle
✔ Cycle monitoring, egg collection and fertilisation
✔ ICSI and blastocyst culture
✔ Embryo freezing and storage costs for the first year

✔ Medical eligibility criteria apply for inclusion in all
✔ Screening tests to confirm eligibility are not included

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