Male Fertility Tests

Male Fertility Tests and Treatments

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Semen Analysis

A semen analysis assesses semen quality and it plays an essential role in the diagnosis of male factor infertility. Semen analysis is the most commonly performed test that we use in ReproMed. This is due to the fact that we perform a semen analysis prior to every treatment, to ensure that the sperm we are using on the day of treatment is approximately the same or better than it was when the doctor made recommendations for your treatment. The results of semen analysis testing offer an excellent overview into the overall health of sperm.

What is assessed in a semen analysis?
  • Count and Motility: A normal semen sample should contain sperm cells of more than 15 million cells per ml, 40% of which should be motile and 32% should be of good progressive swimming motion.
  • Sperm morphology: The appearance and shape of the sperm is an important factor in the ability of the sperm to fertilise the egg. Approximately 4% of sperm cells are of normal morphology.

At ReproMed we also test to determine if there are any immunological factors (antibodies) which may work against sperm. If any of these factors are outside of the normal recommended ranges we will make both diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation

What Is Sperm DNA Fragmentation?

Your doctor at ReproMed may recommend a DNA fragmentation analysis, the result of which can tell us what steps need to be taken to treat the problem in itself; and what treatment is best suited for you and your partner to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Sperm DNA fragmentation determines to what extent there is damaged genetic material in the man’s sperm cell nucleus. If a sperm cell with damaged DNA fertilities an egg, it can lead to poor fertilisation rates, poor embryo development and higher rates of miscarriage.

At ReproMed we also find that dietary and lifestyle changes can tend to alter the results to well within the ideal and required parameters. Therefore we advise our patients to undertake this test early in the fertility journey and also to remain as healthy as possible keeping alcohol intake to a minimum, reducing BMI, not smoking and also by maintaining an appropriate temperature of your scrotum, all of which will reduce the degree of DNA fragment as well as improve changes of conceiving.

See here for more information on semen analysis and sperm DNA fragmentation.

Fertility Tests are usually carried out over a 2 – 3 week period, depending on how quickly you would like to proceed. Once all the results of the tests are gathered, the doctor will meet with you again to run through the treatment options, after taking into account test results. With you, the doctor will put in place a positive, progressive plan of action for your treatment.