Advice & Info


Do I need a referral from my GP to arrange a consultation?

No referral is needed but we do require patients to complete a registration form with your demographics, important medical information and past fertility history if this is relevant.

We also request that patients send us any medical notes or test results by email at least one week prior to the appointment so that the doctor can review them. This is to allow the doctor prepare appropriately for the consultation.

How long will the consultation last?

Typically the first consultation will last 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the complexity of each individual case.

Will I have any testing done during this consultation?

It may be recommended by the doctor that we carry out fertility tests for you while you are with us. It will depend on your personal wishes and the tests that are required for you.

Is there parking at your clinics?

There is parking available at all 5 of our clinics. You can find detailed information on this on our Contact Us section.

Do I need to bring ID to my consultation?

Yes. We will take a copy of photographic ID of all patients and couples attending the clinic. This is part of our commitment to safeguard the tissues and cells that may be procured, stored or used in treatment for you down the line.

After the Initial Consultation when can I begin treatment?

The diagnostic aspect of your treatment can be started immediately. We try to carry out all diagnostics within one cycle (ie. one month). Typically we can arrange treatment within two months of your initial consultation.

How do I arrange diagnostics or treatment?

You will be given an information pack at your consultation. It will detail various treatment options and outline your next steps. All you’ll need to do is phone us to arrange a suitable appointment time. Our team are available to answer your questions at all stages of diagnostics and treatment.

I would like to have basic fertility tests carried out. Do I need to have a consultation first?

Very often couples or individuals want to assess their contemporary fertility. We are happy to facilitate both female and male fertility tests with a referral from your GP/Clinic or without a referral but you would need a consultation beforehand.

We carry out a hormone profile blood test, an antral follicle count (ultrasound scan) and a uterine assessment. Depending on your personal history we may recommend other tests and can arrange these for you.

We also ensure you are physically fit and carry out a full blood count and a BMI test as part of your assessment.

What tests do you offer men?

As a basic first step we would carry out a semen analysis. A more in depth analysis such as DNA Fragmentation analysis may be recommended. We can also conduct male hormone profiling or other tests as required.

Do you treat single females and same-sex couples?

Yes, of course. We have the facilities and expertise to provide comprehensive care to same-sex  female couples, heterosexual couples, and single women. Unfortunately in Ireland we cannot provide surrogacy, but for same-sex male couples we can offer advice and guidance on where these services are available.

How many people work in ReproMed?

We currently have approximately 30 people working in ReproMed’s fertility clinics. We focus on providing as personal a service as we possibly can and try to ensure that you don’t see too many new faces every time you attend. We hold daily inter-clinic staff meetings and there is open communication between all teams to ensure that at each step of your fertility journey with us you are working with an expert who knows all about your case.