Specialist Fertility Counselling – Are You Ready?

April 4, 2018

For many, the idea of becoming pregnant and having a baby is a natural step and one which happens easily without effort or planning. That said, it can come as a shock when something we had always perceived as being straightforward as becoming pregnant doesn’t go to plan.

Something so natural should happen when you plan, right? However, for 1 in 6 couples in Ireland, this proves not to be the case and some will need intervention.

Experiencing fertility issues or enduring pregnancy loss can lead to feelings of heartbreak and distress.

Living with fertility issues is stressful and sometimes life can take on a different colour. Things that once brought you joy and happiness may now bring about negative feelings. The prospect of a lack of control can be uncomfortable and it can be difficult to know which way to turn, or where to go for advice.

At ReproMed, we offer Specialist Fertility Counselling as part of our comprehensive multidisciplinary service. There is support to help you gain control and understanding around your own situation and the options available.

Having a safe place to discuss your decisions and how you feel about them, as well as exploring ways of planning and managing the steps you will take, will assist you in finding a sense of balance and will enable you to be proactive in your own care.

You don’t have control over the situation you might find yourself in but you do however, have control over the decisions and choices you make throughout your fertility journey.

Having the necessary information about treatment options and the associated implications will offer you a smoother route on your journey.

It will help you to manage your own situation with a clearer understanding of all aspects of your treatment.

Please be assured that you are welcome to attend our Specialist Fertility Counsellor for a session at any stage of your treatment, before, during or after. You can attend on your own or with a partner (if you have one) to discuss any aspect of your treatment or how you feel about it, in absolute confidence.

You can also message us with any questions or queries and we will endeavour to help you. For more information and to get in touch, visit https://repromed.ie/patient-resources/patient-support-services/.

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