Sperm donors will no longer be able to remain anonymous

July 24, 2018

Minister for Health in Ireland, Simon Harris has recently confirmed that anonymous sperm and egg donation in fertility test treatment is set to be banned by next autumn. This is on foot of the new revised legislation due to be introduced shortly and it essentially means that people who donate sperm, eggs or an embryo for use by infertile couples will no longer be able to remain anonymous.

People will additionally have to provide personal information for a register, allowing donor-conceived children to obtain personal family information once they turn 18. This disclosure will be enforced under the Children and Family Relationships Act.

Health Minister Simon Harris said the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015 was enacted to modernise family law in a way that is inclusive of and sensitive to the reality of contemporary family life in Ireland and to meet the needs of children living in diverse family types.

“The technology of assisted human reproduction has created a new reality and Irish law must adapt to reflect these changes,” said Mr Harris.

The law brings “much-needed clarity in this area and seeks to vindicate the rights of the most vulnerable individuals in a donor-assisted human reproduction procedure, the children”.

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