Team ReproMed Episode One: Aoife Corley, our Nurse and Midwife Manager

September 10, 2019

Aoife Corley, our Nurse and Midwife Manager

Throughout your Fertility Journey with ReproMed, you’ll be in the hands of our experts in the field of Fertility Medicine, Gynaecology, Midwifery & Nursing, Embryology and Counselling. Each of them plays a role in providing a supportive and comprehensive service to our patients. We’d like to introduce them to you!

Follow our blog series Team ReproMed and get to know a little about the people behind our uniforms. We will be publishing some profiles of our outstanding professionals, giving you a look inside life in one of Ireland’s biggest clinics.

First on our list is Aoife Corley our Nurse and Midwife Manager. One of the most recognisable faces in ReproMed she’s been with us since 2014 and manages our exceptional Midwife Team. Check out our interview with her below…

Tell us a little about yourself.
I have been working in the field of fertility for over eight years now, having trained initially as a Midwife. I am passionate about fertility, and really enjoy working in the area. It is constantly changing, techniques and facilities are improving all the time, and success rates are getting far better. Within ReproMed they’ve never been higher.

It can be a delicate area at times; emotions are high, and we as staff feel them as much as patients. We invest a lot into each cycle and get to know individuals and couples so well during a treatment cycle. Working in fertility, the highs are high – giving someone the good news of a positive result never gets dull. I love it… most of the time!

How did you find yourself working in the field of IVF?
I fell into the job! I was working as a Midwife in a busy maternity hospital, saw a role in fertility advertised, applied and was offered the job. I initially wanted a few months to decide what my next move was going to be, but I am still in this field over eight years later.

What sort of support do you give to patients?
It comes in all forms, from practical to emotional. My day would involve showing clients how to use medications, completing consent forms and planning cycles, to taking blood and performing ultrasound scans and IUI procedures. The midwifery team provide emotional support to clients and answer any queries they may have either in person, over the phone or via email. Our new patient portal has greatly assisted that.

When might someone meet you on their treatment journey?
At any stage. I can meet clients after their initial consultations, for their medication teach or consent appointment right through to admitting them for their theatre procedure. The nurses and midwives here perform the majority of monitoring scans and meet clients more often than other Health Care Professionals working with ReproMed.

Patients really do value the support of the fertility nursing team. What makes the work you do so special?
We become professional friends to clients. We support them through their journey, and we are experts in what we do. That means that we really can provide that level of care patients need, especially during a first treatment cycle. We have a skill in translating medical jargon to plain English and can explain the minute details of treatment to clients which always helps.

What are your top tips for someone going through treatment or struggling with fertility right now?
Talk and ask questions – your HCP will never think any question is a silly one! From dietary advice to the practical matters such as travelling with medications to what may be perceived as embarrassing questions, just ask! We will not bat an eyelid and will answer your question. If we can’t, we will find someone who can.

We really appreciate Aoife taking some time from her busy schedule to answer our questions.

Thanks Aoife… we love you as much as the patients do!

What about you? Who do you think will be the next staff member showing it faces here? Leave a comment on any of our Social Media channels if you want to suggest our next interviewee!

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