ED Costs & Guarantee Programme

Egg Donation Costs & Guarantee Programme

ReproMed Donor Egg Programme: €6300


  • Sperm Freeze & Shipment (if using partner sperm)
  • Donor selection, egg retrieval, IVF/ICSI, freezing of embryos
  • Repatriation/ return shipping of embryos
  • Egg Donation Coordination
  • Nurse Consultations
  • Ultrasound Scans during treatment
  • Embryo Transfer Procedure (one)
  • Pregnancy Blood Test (one)
  • Fetal Heart Scan (one)
  • Post-treatment review (if required)
  • Storage of Embryos for the first year

Guarantee Programme

In cases where the male partner has a normal semen analysis result confirmed at ReproMed (whereby the count is >5million/ml and normomorphology is at least 2-3%) we are able to offer a guarantee of at least one blastocyst for transfer. If there is no blastocyst for transfer we will offer another attempt free of charge.

If there is no clinical pregnancy (detection of fetal heart beat) after 2 cycles your 3rd cycle is free*

There is no additional fee for the guarantee programme.

*Terms and conditions apply. Once you have had your first consultation our egg donation coordinator will be available to provide clarification on any queries that you may have.

The above information is for guide purposes only, there may be other fees involved depending on what tests you need to have done when you begin the process. Patients will need to attend for a consultation prior to commencing treatment which will incur the normal fee. A comprehensive breakdown of costs will be provided after your first consultation. Our full, up-to-date pricelist is available from reception, on request.