Partner & Donor Sperm IUI

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

IUI is a natural progression for many couples for whom Follicle Tracking or Ovulation Induction has not been successful. It is also an option for same-sex female couples, for individual females, and for those who wish or need to conceive using donor sperm.

An IUI treatment cycle involves similar monitoring and medications to that of an Ovulation Induction cycle: we prescribe medications to promote the development of follicles on the ovaries, and we monitor their development with transvaginal ultrasounds from approximately Day 8 of the cycle at specific intervals.

When we see that there are one or two follicles at the optimum stage of development we administer an injection to trigger ovulation. We can then schedule the IUI procedure to occur approximately 36 hours afterwards.

On the day of the IUI procedure we will prepare a sample of either the partner or donor sperm in our laboratory.

The sample is then placed by one of our nursing or medical staff directly into the uterus by way of a narrow catheter passed into the vagina and beyond the cervix. The procedure is extremely quick and most patients tolerate it extremely well, reporting very little discomfort.

Donor Sperm

Approximately half of the IUIs we carry out involve the use of donor sperm, as do a considerable number of our IVF treatments. We have extensive experience helping couples or individuals chose the correct donor from our nominated donor banks.

After your consultation, we will put you in touch with one of our laboratory team who will answer any questions you may have in relation to selecting a donor and will place the order for you, ensuring that the sperm has arrived to the clinic in time for your treatment.

We have a special responsibility to our patients that comes with providing treatment that involves the use of donor gametes, and this is to ensure that any patients doing so have fully explored the implications of using donor sperm or eggs.

While our doctors and laboratory staff can provide information on this treatment option, our dedicated Fertility Counsellors have extensive experience in this sensitive field to explain and discuss your options and ensure that you are fully comfortable with this treatment path. It is an integral part of the process at ReproMed, and is key to us providing you with the support and information you need.