Preliminary Treatments

Follicle Tracking

Follicle Tracking is a method that we use in order to help you to conceive with as little intervention and as naturally as possible.

Follicles are fluid-filled sacs which develop on the ovaries over the course of a woman’s menstrual cycle, each one containing an egg. Ovulation occurs when a follicle ruptures and releases a mature egg which then travels down the fallopian tube.

We carry out transvaginal ultrasound scans at particular times during a woman’s cycle to monitor the progress of the development of these follicles. We can then tell the couple an approximate window during which they should have intercourse to coincide with the time we believe ovulation will occur based on the appearance of the ovaries.

Alongside this, we may also carry out hormone blood tests to ensure that intercourse is carried out just after ovulation.

It is a fertility test treatment option suitable for a couple who have been trying to conceive for a relatively short period of time and for whom there are no obvious fertility issues.

Ovulation Induction

Ovulation Induction is similar to Follicle Tracking in that we monitor the progress of follicular development using transvaginal ultrasound scans.  In addition to this, we use medications to help promote the development of these follicles.

When we see that the follicle or follicles have matured and our patient is ready for ovulation we help things along by administering an injection to trigger ovulation. By doing so we can then instruct the couple when they should aim to have intercourse in order to optimise their chance of conceiving.

This method can be recommended in instances where a woman has irregular cycles or where she is not ovulating naturally (anovulation).