Price List


How much does fertility tests, treatments and IVF cost in Ireland? View our extensive price list for information on all costs involved.

Refund Policy

We aim to have a transparent and fair refund policy allowing for refunds at three stages of your IVF/ICSI treatment:

  • If your cycle is cancelled prior to egg collection
  • If there are no eggs retrieved at your egg collection procedure
  • If there are no embryos suitable for transfer or cryopreservation

The amounts refunded are directly proportional to the stage at which treatment is cancelled and is normally applied as a credit to your account to be used against future treatments.

It is also dependent on the overall test cost and cost of your treatment since this applies to a variety of our treatments including IVF, ICSI, Multiple Egg Collection, and Egg Freezing Cycles.

Tax Rebate

Please keep your receipts in order to claim a portion of the costs against your tax credits at the end of the year.
The Med 1 form can be obtained here: MED 1 FORM

Government Funding

We are aware of the cost of fertility treatment and IVF costs in Ireland. We continue to petition the Government on behalf of our patients to provide publicly funded fertility treatments in a way that is both fair and accessible for all. We will keep you up to date with any developments on this topic.

ReproMed Ireland price list last updated on 9th September 2017. Pricing is subject to change.