Success in numbers

Success in numbers

Unlike most other Fertility Service providers in Ireland we don’t emphasise our historical pregnancy rates but instead offer contemporary success rates which are most relevant to you. We understand that you want to know how well we are serving our patients now, not one or two years ago, because you will be entrusting your care and pursuit of happiness to us over the coming months.

The ongoing work of our professional team and the constant incorporation of new technologies allows us to display some the best rates in Ireland right now.

If you would like to understand how success rates are calculated and what they actually mean, have a look at this post on our blog by clicking HERE.

Clinical Pregnancy Rates Per Fresh Embryo Transfer IVF & ICSI (confirmed by fetal heartbeat on scan) Jan 2020 – Sept 2020

The average age of our female patients right now is 36.9. The below graphs represent the success rates for the age brackets closest to this age.

35-37 years

38-39 years