Your First Visit

Getting Started

Making an Appointment

Taking the first step to make an appointment is sometimes the most difficult part which is why we try to make it as easy for you as we possibly can.

You can make contact with us by phone, email, through the website, through Facebook or Twitter or in person, if you’d like!

Preparing to Meet You

Once you have your appointment booked, we like to get to know a bit more about why you are coming to our clinics so we ask that if you have had any tests done or have been to another fertility clinic before that you get a copy of your notes to us before your appointment.

This is so our medical team can prepare in advance, so they have more time speaking with you and getting to understand you and less time reading notes while you’re here.

Your First Visit

During the consultation, regardless of what doctor you meet, they will discuss your options and their recommendations. You may be advised to have some tests done, some of which can be done straight away. The doctors will often be able to gauge what treatments you are likely to need before having your tests results and will discuss this with you. You’ll receive information about the tests, the procedures, the treatments and the costs that you can take home with you. We’ll follow-up with you a few days later in case you have any questions and to help you book appointments if you need.


The vast majority of tests can be carried out in-house at ReproMed.

There is, of course, variation depending on your own particular case but the below outlines the tests that are most frequently ordered by our doctors:

Female Hormone Blood Test

AMH Test

Antral Follicle Count Scan

Semen Analysis

DNA Fragmentation Analysis

Saline Infusion Sonogram


Normally these tests are carried out over a 2-3 week period depending on how quickly you would like to proceed.

Once we have all the results gathered the doctor will meet with you again to reiterate the treatment options most appropriate for you, having taken into account your test results. Together with you, they will put in place a positive, progressive plan of action.

This is the point at which your treatment can begin if you chose.

Keeping You in Control

The best way we can help you stay in control of this process and not feel like you are on a production line is by keeping you informed and educated about what you are going through. It is really important that you never feel you are “on the back foot” at any point in the process. If there is anything about which you are not sure, you just need to stop us and ask. Each of our clinics has a small team and you will undoubtedly build relationships and trust with different members of staff at the clinic you attend. They will be on-hand to advise you and reassure you at every step of this very personal journey. It is really important that you never feel you are “on the back foot” at any point in the process.”

We know that every question you have is important to you and therefore important to us too.