Your First Visit

Getting Started

Taking the first step to make an appointment is sometimes the most difficult part, which is why we try to make it as efficient and stress free for you as we possibly can. Simply fill out our Triage Form and our Team will take it from there. We’ll get in touch with a date and suggested tests based on your individual circumstances.

Preparing to Meet You

Before you have your appointment booked, we like to get to know a bit more about why you are coming to our clinic. So we ask you to fill out our triage form to better understand your circumstances and make your first visit as stress free as possible. Once we have assessed your form we will evaluate if you will benefit from testing previous to your initial consultation. This will allow your consultant to focus on your particular issues affecting your fertility. If you have already had some testing done or been to another clinic we will ask if possible for your medical records before initial consultation.

Your First Visit

During your first consultation, regardless of what doctor you meet, they will discuss your options and their recommendations. Having had your test results in advance doctors will often be able to gauge what treatments you are likely to need and their urgency. You’ll then receive information about the procedures, the treatments, other tests that may be required and the costs. We’ll follow-up with you a few days later and offer you a follow up appointment onsite or over the phone for your convenience (we aim to adapt it to your very busy schedule) to give you the interpretation of the results of the tests preformed and answer any questions you may have. At the completion of this review consultation the Doctor will have a treatment plan for you.