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We offer a comprehensive range of assisted conception options including IVF to couples who are having difficulty conceiving and individuals who want a family of their own.


IVF Clinic Dublin and Cork

We pride ourselves in taking a personal interest in your care regardless of where you are on your fertility journey.

You might just require a consultation with one of our experienced Medical Team. We may need to delve further, carry out some tests in our fertility clinics and maybe consider doing IUI or IVF. Sometimes you need the most up to date developments in the fertility field and the most high-tech treatment options.

Whichever of these options you need our team will provide the best service possible in a supportive, honest environment and make sure that you are fully in control of your treatment at all times.

Through our national network, ReproMed is committed to guiding patients through their fertility journey with our personal, professional and supportive service.

What is important to us?

Getting Results: Have a look at our success rates. They’re excellent and we keep striving to improve them

Our Staff: We are so proud of them! In all our centres, in every department, they are passionate about fertility. They are moved by our patients’ stories and care about each outcome, and are extremely qualified and experienced in their respective fields.

Providing Sensitive, Quality Healthcare: Going through fertility treatment is not always easy but we make sure that you are always treatment sensitively and given the best possible care.

Honesty and Transparency: Fertility treatment can be complicated enough without feeling like you are not getting the full picture. We endeavour in our processes to make sure that you fully understand all of the implications of your treatment – the physical; psychological and financial implications – all of which can be burdens if not explained properly.

Dispelling the Myths about Infertility: We give you all the facts so you don’t need to check with “Dr. Google”. Our team are extremely approachable – every question is important.

Taking Things at your Pace: Every one of our patients is an individual, and that is at the centre of everything we do. We won’t push you towards a treatment for which you are not ready: we’ll listen to you. We’ll do our best to cause as little disruption to your life as possible when going through treatment. Above all, we will never compromise your chances of a successful outcome by speeding up or slowing down the process.

Your Testimonials: We love to get your feedback and we have put some of our testimonials here on our website for you to read. One might strike a chord with you, we hope it gives you confidence in our service


IVF Dublin and Cork

Our Patient Stories

We love to get your feedback and we have put some of our testimonials on our website for you to read.

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