Donor Sperm

Donor Sperm

Donors are screened under EU regulations called the Tissue and Cell Directive and regulations are complied with throughout the donor selection process.

Donor Sperm
Understanding Donor Sperm

Donor Banks

We have the experience and expertise to help you to choose a suitable donor from our nominated sperm banks.

  • Cryos International Ltd
  • European Sperm Bank

Donor Profiles

Would you like to know as much as possible about the donor, or do you prefer to only know the basics? This consideration will help you to choose between an Extended Profile and a Basic Profile. An Extended Profile contains a lot of personal information including baby photos, personality tests and maybe an audio clip with the donor’s voice. A sperm donor with a Basic Profile only provides you with the essential information such as ethnicity, physical characteristics and education/job.

Donor Anonymity

In Denmark, Donors can choose to remain Anonymous or they can agree to be contacted by the donor-conceived child once he or she is 18 years old (non-Anonymous /Open Donor / ID Release). The sperm donor never has legal responsibility for or paternal rights to children conceived using their semen. The donor cannot be contacted by the parents of the child and the donor cannot contact the child or his/her parents.

The Children and Family Relationships Act 2015 which was enacted on 4th May 2020 prevents the use of anonymous donors in Ireland. Treatments using donated sperm must now be reported to the Department of Health and children born from these treatments will have their information stored on the National Donor Conceived person register. The Register will enable a donor-conceived child who has reached the age of 18 to access personal “identifying” information on the relevant donor. We will take care of this paperwork for you and you will be asked to sign specific consent forms prior to your treatment cycle.

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Counselling is required for all patients engaging in donor treatment, this is mandatory implications counselling provided by ReproMed affiliated counsellors. The purpose is to gain a better understanding of the 2015 Children and Family Relationships Act which considers the legal relationship of children born from donated gametes. Further details can be found on the following site:

Donor Screening

Sperm donors are screened extensively as per EU legislation before they are accepted as a sperm donor. Potential donors will have to complete a medical history questionnaire and have a thorough physical health check and have blood and urine samples taken for a number of hereditary and infectious diseases. They will undergo counselling to ensure they are aware of the implications of donation and the types of donor they can be. Their sperm is tested to make sure it is of suitable quality after freezing and thawing. Once they pass all of these tests, they complete the donor profile and they start the donation programme. During the whole period of donation the donors are screened for infectious diseases while the sperm is quarantined, so the risk of passing on those infectious diseases is eliminated.

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How do I order Donor Sperm?

At ReproMed we order sperm from the following two sperm banks:
Cryos International Ltd
European Sperm Bank
Both of these are based in Denmark and they have a substantial number of donors to choose from.

How do I know the donor sperm does not carry any infections/diseases?

Donors are screened under EU regulations called the Tissue and Cell Directive and regulations are complied with throughout the donor selection process. Donor banks are maintained to a very high standard.

When is the sperm collected? How long before the IUI procedure?

Donor sperm is stored and prepared in the clinic, so no responsibility lies with the patients other than choosing the desired donor. Your donor sperm will be ordered in advance of your treatment starting.

How many IUIs should I try before moving on to in vitro fertilisation (IVF)?

Your individual case will be reviewed by your treating Doctor however it is reasonable to consider pursuing the next steps in assisted conception technologies after 2-3 IUI attempts.

What does Donor Sperm cost at ReproMed?
Donor Sperm

Donor Sperm

Pricing for Donor Sperm at ReproMed ranges depending on your requirements and will be discussed during treatment.

€600 plus
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