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Egg Donation Abroad

Egg Donation Abroad

ReproMed are delighted to work with Iscare IVF Clinic in Prague for patients who wish to travel to the Czech Republic to undergo Egg Donation treatment.

Egg Donation Abroad
Egg Donation Abroad

ReproMed will offer clinical support to patients who wish to access egg donation treatment with Iscare: consultations, required testing, coordination and aftercare ensuring that patients who need to avail of this treatment have full confidence throughout their journey. Just as with patients receiving treatment here with us we commit to ensuring that Iscare’s Irish patients will receive the patient-focused, personalised care for which ReproMed is so well-known.

Information on Egg Donation

Egg Donation treatment is a type of IVF treatment where instead of using a woman’s own eggs, we use the eggs of a donor. There are a number of different diagnoses which may lead a doctor to recommend egg donation treatment:

1. Maternal Age: As a woman ages her ovaries slow-down and then ultimately stop the production of eggs. Using a donor’s eggs may allow a woman to successfully achieve a healthy pregnancy and have a baby even if they are no longer producing their own eggs.

2. Premature ovarian failure: Depletion of a woman’s reserve of eggs where age is not a factor.

3.  Egg Quality: There may be probably egg quality issues indicated by a lack of fertilisation, even when the conditions have been optimised, for instance during an IVF or ICSI treatment cycle.

4.  Genetic Reasons:  There are cases where a genetic problem has been identified in a woman that would decrease her chances of conceiving a healthy baby using her own eggs


Your Donor Egg Journey

First Consultation

Your first consultation will take place in one of ReproMed’s clinics where you will see one of our consultants. Our medical team will take a full history and review any previous fertility history to ensure that egg donation treatment is a viable option for you. We will then arrange for a meeting with a doctor in Iscare and appropriate tests will be ordered, as per the medical team in Iscare, in order for you to proceed with treatment.

Liaising with ReproMed & Iscare

After your initial consultation and any required follow-up after your diagnostics are complete, one of our coordinators will liaise with both you and Iscare with the required paperwork to be completed.

Your Treatment Cycle

Once all the paperwork is in place and the testing has been carried out you will have a short online consultation with one of ISCARE’s doctors to confirm the programme with them. ReproMed will then ship your frozen sperm for treatment.

Choose a Suitable Donor

The Coordination team in Iscare will begin to the assign you a donor. ReproMed will inform you of this as well as the estimated egg collection date. The donor will be matched to you based on your recipient criteria form. Your cycle dates will be confirmed and synchronised for a fresh embryo transfer.

Treatment & Travel

From this point Iscare will be able to give you a timeline for donor egg collection & embryo transfer so you can arrange flights & accommodation. Iscare can recommend accommodation close to the clinic for you. Your instructions and a list of your medications will be sent to you by Iscare & Your ReproMed consultant will prescribe these medications for you.

How much does Egg Donation Abroad cost at ReproMed?
Egg Donation Abroad Package

Egg Donation Abroad Package

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