GERI, My New Best Friend – The Next Generation of Incubator for Culturing and Assessing Human Embryos

August 15, 2017

Another first in class for ReproMed! In the coming weeks ReproMed Ireland is delighted to announce that the GERI+ incubation and time-lapse imaging system will be available for use by patients undergoing IVF treatment. ReproMed Ireland will be the first assisted reproduction and fertility clinic in Ireland to offer this state of the art technology to patients with a view to providing couples and individuals with the very best chance of becoming parents.

What is GERI+ and what are the advantages?

When culturing and maintaining embryos in the laboratory they are kept in incubators that provide them with all the environmental parameters that they need to thrive, such as optimum temperature and specific gaseous conditions. However, with conventional incubators the embryologist must periodically remove the embryos from the incubator to assess their progress and determine which ones are most likely to result in pregnancy when transferred back to the female’s uterus. Removing embryos from the incubator, even for short periods of time, is not an ideal method in theory. GERI+ is an incubator that has a number of advantages over conventional incubation systems and these include:

  • GERI+ is extremely stable and keeps temperature and gaseous conditions constant, which is exactly what developing embryos require.
  • The incubator contains cameras that record the growth and development of each individual embryo without the need to remove them from the stable conditions of the incubator. Videos of each individual embryo’s development also helps embryologist detect developmental anomalies that may not be detected during periodic assessment used with conventional incubators.
  • GERI+ includes the EEVA (early embryo viability assessment) software that helps the embryologist select the healthiest and most viable embryo(s) for transfer back to the female’s uterus without the need for invasive embryo testing.

ReproMed Ireland continuously strives to be first to seize on newest technologies proven to work to improve IVF success rates and to offer our patients the very best care based on solid scientific and medical principles. We are delighted to be the first to offer this technology to Irish patients undergoing IVF treatment. If you are interested in using GERI+ during your upcoming IVF treatment please contact one of our team and we’ll be happy to discuss this exciting technology with you.

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