Our Story

ReproMed began in 2009 with a very simple idea: to peel back the mystery surround fertility, eliminate the complexity and personalise the provision of fertility care.

Declan Keane, ReproMed’s founder established ReproMed in 2009 after returning home from working in the US. Declan realised there was a level care being offered to fertility patients there, that was missing at that time in existing services in Ireland. He committed himself to offering a fertility test service that put the patient at the centre of the process. It started small: an andrology service offering semen analyses without the hospital waiting lists and with simple result reporting. As with every truly good idea, it blossomed under the influence of hard work, and other people joined Declan’s team bringing with them their own expertise, but the same dedication and the same ethos in mind. For ten years, ReproMed has grown exponentially to include an IVF Unit in both Dublin and Galway, as well as fertility clinics in Kilkenny and Drogheda. Most recently ReproMed’s service offering expanded on the acquisition of BabyScan, to allow the ReproMed Group to offer pregnancy and fertility ultrasound scanning.

We have treated, educated and supported thousands of patients and most importantly we’ve helped many of them to overcome fertility issues and have children, which is, of course, the ultimate goal for us! ReproMed is the product of tireless work by a dedicated team. Our team continues to grow and evolve as we strive to offer a broadening variety of fertility services to as much of Ireland as we can. The vision for ReproMed remains the same and as our services develop will continue to be:

For ReproMed to be a place and service where we do everything we can to give patients control over their Reproductive Health