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ReproMed Donor Egg Programmes

At ReproMed we have a 60% success rate for IVF treatment using donor eggs

ReproMed Donor Egg Programmes
What is Egg Donation?

In Egg donation, instead of using your own eggs, we use the eggs of a donor. There are a number of different diagnoses that may lead a doctor to recommend using a donor egg for an IVF treatment.

1. Maternal age: Using a donor’s eggs may allow a woman to successfully achieve a healthy pregnancy and have a baby even if they are no longer producing their own eggs.

2. Premature ovarian failure: Depletion of a woman’s reserve of eggs where age is not a factor.

3. Egg quality: There may be egg quality issues indicated by a lack of fertilisation, even when the conditions have been optimised, for instance during an IVF or ICSI treatment cycle.

4. Genetic reasons: When a genetic condition has been identified, decreasing the chances of conceiving a healthy baby using her own eggs.

An introduction to our Donor Egg Programmes

We have three different Egg Donation programmes: two of which are for patients who would prefer to stay in Ireland and use identifiable donor eggs for their IVF treatment and the third programme is for patients who would rather use anonymous donor eggs for their IVF treatment which is available through our sister clinic, Iscare IVF clinic in Prague, Czech Republic.

All three of these programmes are carried out in conjunction with clinics that are part of our European Group and with whom we have very close relationships.

If you would like to learn more about these different egg donation programmes, you will find more information about each programme below or you can book straight in for a free consultation to discuss these options with our specialist egg donation nurse.

In-House Egg Donation Programmes

Using identifiable egg donors
from €10,500

ReproMed offers two in-house programmes in Ireland which are managed in close partnership with our sister clinic Ovumia, Finland, part of our FutureLife Group. Choosing the Home Programme or Home Plus Programme eliminates the need to travel overseas for treatment while at the same time, you will benefit from our combined experience and expertise using identifiable donor eggs in IVF and ICSI treatments.

The donors are Finnish residents aged between 20-35 years of age, who have chosen to donate eggs altruistically to help other women conceive, have a successful pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. All our egg donors are screened according to Finnish legislation and to the standards of the EU Tissues and Cells Directive.

Abroad Egg Donation Programme

Using anonymous egg donors

This anonymous egg donor programme is managed in partnership with a highly regarded fertility clinic, Iscare, based in Prague, Czech Republic. They are part of our FutureLife Group. Last year alone, they performed over 1,000 IVF cycles for both local and overseas patients. The clinic is a state-of-the-art, modern healthcare facility.

With short waiting times, excellent success rates and exemplary patient- care, Iscare is a very popular choice for patients from Ireland who wish to travel to access IVF treatment using anonymous donor eggs.

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