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Egg Donation In-House

Egg Donation In-House

ReproMed are delighted to work with Ovumia Fertinova in Finland for patients who do not wish to travel abroad.

Egg Donation In-House
Egg Donation In-House

Our in-house service is an identifiable programme which means that the donors have consented to be contactable by their biological offspring resulting from this programme, when their child reaches the age of 18.

The programme is managed in partnership with one of the fertility clinics within ReproMed’s wider fertility group. Ovumia Fertinova in Finland are working with us to provide their excellent service here so that ReproMed’s patients can access their Egg Donor Programme without having to travel abroad or endure long waiting lists before treatment.

The donors are Finnish residents aged between 20-35 years of age, who have chosen to donate eggs altruistically to help other women conceive, have a successful pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. They are all screened according to Finnish legislation and to the standards of the EU Tissues and Cells Directive. They have had extensive blood testing carried out including genetic testing and all donors are required to meet with Ovumia Fertinova’s onsite psychologist to ensure that they are fully aware of all the implications that may arise from their donation and are entirely comfortable with their decision to donate. They are extremely well cared-for receiving comprehensive support before during and after their procedure. Their decision to donate is altruistic and not commercial, although they do receive a modest reimbursement to cover their expenses incurred.

Information on Egg Donation

Egg Donation treatment is a type of IVF treatment where instead of using a woman’s own eggs, we use the eggs of a donor. There are a number of different diagnoses which may lead a doctor to recommend egg donation treatment:

1. Maternal Age: As a woman ages her ovaries slow-down and then ultimately stop the production of eggs. Using a donor’s eggs may allow a woman to successfully achieve a healthy pregnancy and have a baby even if they are no longer producing their own eggs.

2. Premature ovarian failure: Depletion of a woman’s reserve of eggs where age is not a factor.

3. Egg Quality: There may be probably egg quality issues indicated by a lack of fertilisation, even when the conditions have been optimised, for instance during an IVF or ICSI treatment cycle.

4. Genetic Reasons:  There are cases where a genetic problem has been identified in a woman that would decrease her chances of conceiving a healthy baby using her own eggs

Steps to Pregnancy


Meet your fertility specialist and get your treatment plan.

Dedicated Egg Donation Coordinator

Our dedicated egg donation co-ordinators will guide you through the treatment and next steps to start your treatment. There will be a number of forms and consents for you to complete and you will be provided with the costs applicable to you.

Consents & Sperm Freezing

We will arrange a date for you to attend the clinic to complete your consents and if using partner sperm – complete the sperm freezing and viral screening.

Donor Recruitment & Matching

Our colleagues in Ovumia will begin the donor matching process when the frozen sperm sample has reached their clinic in Finland (shipped at the end of every month) and once we have a suitable donor for you she will start stimulation on the dates she can commit to; ReproMed’s egg donation co-ordinators will inform you of estimated egg collection date.

Donor Egg Collection

Once the egg collection takes place you will be updated on Day 1 with fertilisation results and again on Day 5/6 to confirm the number of blastocysts. Alternatively you may be offered vitrified donor eggs for your cycle (at no additional cost). These will be matched to the criteria you selected and tested in accordance with Irish legislative requirements. They will be thawed and ICSI performed and similar to fresh eggs you will be notified on Day 5/6.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Your blastocysts are transported back to Ireland & we will start to prepare your transfer. Your frozen embryo transfer will be completed in our Dublin or Galway clinic, depending on where your treatment is and any additional embryos will be stored for future treatments.

How much does In-House Egg Donation cost at ReproMed?
Egg Donation In-House | Plus

Egg Donation In-House | Plus

Egg Donation In-House | Basic

Egg Donation In-House | Basic

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