Exact® Sperm DNA Test

DNA Fragmentation

Measuring sperm DNA fragmentation through the Exact® test can provide crucial information about its impact on your fertility.

DNA Fragmentation
Exact® Sperm DNA Test

Sperm DNA fragmentation is a condition that can lead to male-factor infertility, IVF failure, and miscarriage. If you’re not sure about what sperm DNA fragmentation is and how it affects fertility, you’re not alone.

Several factors, such as illness, injury, and lifestyle choices, can cause sperm DNA fragmentation.

The Exact test evaluates three different parameters of DNA fragmentation in comparison to a fertile reference range:

  1. The average level of sperm DNA fragmentation
  2. The percentage of healthy sperm
  3. The percentage of unhealthy sperm
How do I know if my sperm has damaged DNA?

While there may not be any obvious symptoms of sperm DNA damage, a sperm DNA fragmentation test can evaluate sperm quality and identify the presence of DNA damage.

The test involves collecting a semen sample, which is then analysed in a laboratory using specialised techniques to assess the amount of DNA damage present in the sperm. The results of the test are usually expressed as a percentage of sperm with damaged DNA, known as the DNA fragmentation index (DFI).

  • Healthy sperm = low DNA fragmentation
  • Unhealthy sperm = high DNA fragmentation

Benefits of the Exact® Sperm DNA Test

Exact testing can provide insight into the level of DNA damage in your sperm, which could explain the cause of your miscarriage. If sperm DNA damage is the issue, certain lifestyle changes can be made to improve sperm quality and increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy in the future.

Furthermore, the test results can aid fertility specialists in making informed decisions about the appropriate treatment for you.

How does it work?

We offer direct testing for patients from our facilities in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Kilkenny or Drogheda.

If you are producing your sample at home, you must be able to drop off the sample to one of our clinics no more than 1h after production.

Our Fertility specialists recommend testing for both semen analysis and sperm DNA to provide a full picture of a mans fertility.

How long does it take to receive my results?

The results from your tests will be available within 2 weeks.

How much does Exact® Sperm DNA Test & Semen Analysis cost at ReproMed?
Exact® Sperm DNA Test

Exact® Sperm DNA Test

Compared to other sperm DNA tests, our Exact range of tests has the highest sensitivity, specificity, and predictive power.

Exact® Sperm DNA Test & Semen Analysis

Exact® Sperm DNA Test & Semen Analysis

Exact® Sperm DNA Test & Semen Analysis can help predict the likelihood of treatment success.

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