Health Insurance with VHI

VHI Health Insurance for Fertility treatments

How to begin your Fertility Journey with ReproMed & VHI.

Make sure that your VHI Healthcare policy includes the Fertility Benefit by contacting VHI Healthcare Member Support on 056 44 44 444 or by visiting their website.

Taking the first step to make an appointment can be challenging, which is why we try to make it as simple and stress-free for you as we possibly can. Simply fill out the relevant Patient Registration Form and a member of our team will be in touch to guide you through the next steps.

Make sure you give us your policy number when you are making an appointment and we will let you know what discounts apply.

Breakdown of Fees for Qualifying VHI Healthcare members:

Service Vhi Level One Vhi Level Two
Initial Consultation €50 No charge
Initial Counselling Session €50 €50
AMH €50 No charge
Semen Analysis €50 No charge
IUI €475 €475
ICSI €4300 €3300
IVF €3900 €2900

Additional Information

Terms & Conditions apply, including but not limited to the following:

  • These rates apply to policy holders with appropriate cover at the procedure date which is deemed to be the date of egg collection/IUI procedure/transfer.
  • VHI policy must be in the name of the patient undergoing the procedure.
  •  Claim form must be signed by Policy Holder to avail of reduction. If no claim form is completed the reduced fee will not apply.
  • Limits are in place on the number of cycles available at the reduced rate and can vary dependent on type of insurance policy in place, please ask a member of staff for further information.
  •  Your VHI cover will be checked against your policy number as your cover may differ.

Qualified members must attend for a first consultation prior to accessing any of ReproMed’s fertility test Services in order for VHI Healthcare discounts to apply.
The female partner must be named or listed on the qualifying policy in order for the VHI Healthcare discounts to apply to all of the services with the exception of the semen analysis.

A valid VHI Healthcare Policy number must be produced on or before the date of your first consultation. If we cannot confirm that you have a valid policy, we will charge full price for the consultation.

Any queries about your cover, your policy, waiting periods etc should be directed to VHI Healthcare by phoning them on 056 44 44 444. Please see your table of benefits or contact Vhi Healthcare directly for a full list of terms & conditions.